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If a door is decorated and painted with taste, it provides not only a hearty welcome to our guests into our home, but adds to our everyday comfort feeling greatly. The purpose is not merely the decoration of the apartment but to create a homely feeling in it.


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I like modern and creative solutions. While taking my clients’ ideas into consideration, I always try to implement decorations in the most creative ways.

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I am, however, convinced that one can produce outstanding results only if he works with body and soul, and likes what he is doing.

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Similarly to decoration or indoor painting, I try to work with the greatest devotion outdoors, too.

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I’m a conscientious man, a passionate craftsman. I have a decade long experience in the field of external and internal decoration, tiling and painting. For me it is essential that even the tiniest details should be properly elaborated.

Please, have a look at my former works! I have done each of them for my honourable clients in good heart and with devotion.


(07) 950387598